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The bright color of Manitou goes perfectly with this summer trends and you will find the ideal mate for it on the nectarine rose with its huge head and vibrant looks!

We have an awesome variety for you this week! a very exotic combination of amazonic colors, that you will only find in the Yasuni Rose!

Agua Ardiente

In this variety you will find a beautiful light green tone that will give a delicate look to your arrangements, plus the exotic and magic senses that it's frangance give will make you love it!

White O'Hara

Looking for the perfect bridal look for your special day? We invite you to try our White O'Hara garden rose that will give a delicate and fancy touch to your wedding!

¬°We offer you the perfect varieties to give a fresh look to this month!

The versatile salmon pink rose that fits beautifully in every kind of arrangement and the light green that gives the perfect balance of tones.

Surprise your ladies on this special day 8th of March with the most beautiful flowers in the world, flowers from RoseElite Ecuador.

Experiment and play with colors to make this day an unforgettable day with our exclusive offer just for 8th of March!

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