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Start Halloween night off right by greeting your trick-or-treaters with our two new varieties for this week. Although not a traditional Halloween color green has certainly earned its place among all things spooky and scary. Goblins and monsters are often green. So is alien blood. Choose our Green variety Yasuni this week with the color of slime.

It is the custom of Halloween celebration to use orange and black in decorations and costumes. It’s already that time of year!

We continue with ideas for Halloween! This week we would like to introduce you perfect combination of our tinted black and orange roses for unforgettable Halloween party!

This week we start to prepare Halloween! First grate variety is Radioactive . Burning orange flames of those blooms turns your Halloween party in to a real orange crush!

We would like you to pay attention on this new variety Early Gray. Warm, cozy and fresh colored rose. It perfectly combines the opposing cream with some grey to it, yet does not seem contrast. Perfect selection for you flower arrangements with a new delicate touch.

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