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Life is so much happier and brighter when you’re sharing the very special moments that come with the most beautiful, fresh and gorgeous flowers from the middle of the world specially selected for you to bring you joy and colors.

Novelties of this week are beautiful green trumpet-shaped callas, similar to woman’s silhouette. And magnificent Hydrangea lime-Green full of freshness and flowers, which reflects the abundance of their petals in a luxurious way. The perfect combination for a bridal bouquet style refreshing and natural!

3D enormous head rose variety with juicy bicolor grate choice to start summer season. It looks pretty as a duet with gorgeous variety Alba with its big head and color of innocence will make your arrangements look luxury.

Check on our noveltys this week! we bring for you wonderfull colors and huge heads! Turltle with the beatifull bright yellow that never fails and the always perfect pink of the Hermosa Rose, both great for the season!

Make Mother's Day bright by sending her beautiful flowers from the middle of the world, Rose Elite Ecuador! For all we owe our Mothers a big thank you message! Celebrate Mother's Day with Rose Elite Ecuador and make this day be colorful and special with our freshcut flowers!

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